(Set Of 4) Winnie The Pooh Black And White NurseryArt (Classic Prints, Baby Wall Decor) "Winnies Adventures" -- Unframed

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Set of 4 -- Classic Winnie the Pooh Nursery Art, Baby Wall Prints, Kids Black and White Decor -- Unframed Prints Four in a series of 15 Pooh Bear childrens illustrations (Sold individually or in specially priced sale sets) Set of 4"Winnies Adventures" black and white fine art prints of E. H. Shepard storybook illustrations 1) "Tiggers Dont Climb Trees" 2) "Honey Bees" 3) "Friends Forever" 4) "Pooh Sticks Game" Colorful childrens book character art: Winnie, Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, Roo, Christopher Robin Frames not included Premium matte paper with archival ink Size available: 8x10 inch or 11x14 inch A. A. Milne Storybook Reference: "In that enchanted plon top of the Forest, a little boy & his Bear will always be playing. A popular book illustrator, his gender neutral artwork is loved by kids of all ages: boys & girls, brothers & sisters, toddlers & newborn infants. His were the first drawings of Christoper Robin, his cute teddy bear and their animal friends adventures in the wooded forests and pretty gardens of the Hundred Acre Woods. Handmade at Amazon for Artisans: Prepared and printed by hand in my Cape Cod studio gallery.

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