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Peace Symbol Magnet Of Pink Tie Dye Heart

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MEYOTO is a universal symbol that identifies its bearer and pronounces their desire. This commonality has a unifying effect. Displaying ones heritage (colors) in the context of a fundamental concept (mind) signals a look to the larger view, beyond geography or politics. It allows one to say that even though they are from here or there they recognize that belonging to a community beyond their nationality or nations borders is of great value to their life. Model # MA-805 Features: MEYOTO is derived from the phrase Me and You Together. Show Your Colors and Speak Your Mind United people who share a common goal and point of view. The MEYOTO magnetic decal is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. 14 centimeters (5 1/2 inches) wide. Also available in removable decal (perfect for laptops) and window cling

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