(Package Of 6) American Plumber W30PEHD Pleated Polyester Water Filters

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The American Plumber W30PEHD water filter replacement cartridge is used to reduce sediment, sand, and silt down to 30 microns. The W30PEHD filter can be washed and reused depending on water conditions. Pleated Polyester Reusable 30 Micron, 10" length 9.75 L x 4.50 W; 30 Micron Nominal Filtration; Sediment Reduction American Plumber W30PEHD water filters can be used in all big blue, big clear, big boy, and heavy-duty water filter housings that use 10" L x 4.5" W water filters. The American Plumber W30PEHD is made by Pentek (Pentair) and is the same filter as the Pentek R30-BB water filter.. . (Package Of 6) Features: Pleated polyester design with high flow rate is excellent for well water applications High Quality 6 Pack