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KitchCo 5-Piece Heat-Resistant Cooking Utensil Set Designed W/Premium Non-Stick Silicone For Superior Durability Hygiene & Comfort Of Use

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Product Code: 78365148

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Heat-resistant silicone wont melt. Remember that age-old idiom, A watched pot doesnt boil? With this premium silicone cooking utensil set from KitchCo, you can put the pot up, give things a good mix, and simply let it all cook while you focus on other things. And dont worry about leaving your spatula or soup ladel in the pot - theyre all heat-resistant up to 480F! This is particularly convenient when preparing hot sauces or other dishes that need frequent mixing. Simply leave the mixing spoon in the pot on the stove, without any fear of melted plastic in your food. Another nicety: The utensils can flex to get everything out of pot and pan corners. Model # 4732441 Features: Premium Cooking Utensils for the Pro Chef, the Home Cook & the Kitchen Novice Set Includes Spatula Turner, Spoonula, Mixing Spoon, Slotted Spoon & Soup Ladle Top-Grade Silicone is Non-Stick, BPA-Free, Latex-Free & FDA Certified Food-Grade Features High Heat Resistance: Cooking Utensils Wont Melt or Chip at up to 480F All Pieces Sport Ergonomic Handles & Flexible Edges for Fast & Easy Food Release

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