Danny Way: The Unauthorized Biography

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Danny Way The Unauthorized Biography, shares the story of skateboarding legend and X Games Champion Danny Way. Ways story is one of perseverance, determination, strength, innovation and progression. From his troubled childhood to his heroic and astonishing world records (including jumping The Great Wall of China on a skateboard), beating career ending and life threatening injuries (such as a broken neck), as well as his diverse interests off a skateboard, makes his a story of a creative, courageous, and unique talent. Danny Ways triumphant tale is that of a skateboarders rise to success and unimaginable progression during the sports early days in California up to present day. This unauthorized biography covers Danny Ways professional skate career, records, injuries, life challenges, accomplishments, family, friends, iuences, and more. Joseph David Clark began skateboarding in the mid 1970s. He skates with his sons at both a private indoor park and outdoor parks throughout the year. He is the host of a talk radio program about persevering through life challenges and making a reality of ones goals. He has written 8 books including The Tao of Skateboarding A Skateboarders Philosophy On Life. Mr. Clark lives with his wife and children on their hobby farm just outside of Toronto, Canada. Item Dimensions: 6" L x 0.27" W x 9" H

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