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American Born: A Biography Of Joseph John Brozena

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American Born: A Biography of Joseph John Brozena embodies the spirit of the immigrants in early America, as it follows the life of Joseph John Brozena and his family throughout the 1900s in Poland and the United States. Born in 1902 as an American citizen, a turn of events caused Joseph to be taken to "the old country" by his ailing mother while his father remained to mine in the anthracite coal fields of Pennsylvania. In Poland Joseph learned the ways of his ancestors. His dream of returning to his birthright of freedom was compromised when he was drafted into the Polish army in World War I. He suffered greatly, complained little, and recognized God in the guidance of his fate. This book is dedicated to those immigrants, the very fiber of America, whose undying faith, courage, sacrifice, and perseverance has made America great.

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