(100) Clear Round Large 1-5/8" Beveled Ring Display Stand Pedestal For Golf Ball Baseball Soccer Volleyball Softball Eggs Spheres Puzzle Balls

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All of our Rings are Made in the U.S.A. using only high quality injection molded clear acrylic plastic. This manufacturing process results in Rings that are smooth to the touch with a clear polished finish. With six sizes to choose from, you will be able to display a wide range of products with these extremely versatile Rings. They are excellent for all types and sizes of round items. For example: the small size ring works great for Marbles. These Rings are perfect for displaying Marbles, Basketballs, Baseball, Softballs, Soccer balls, Handballs, Tennis balls, Bouncy Balls, Bowling Balls, Volleyballs, Golf balls, Eggs, or any other Sphere objects, ETC. Features: This Offering is for (100) 1-5/8" Clear Beveled Rings The Measurements of this Stand are: 1/2" High x 1-5/8" Diameter These Plastic Display Stands are Made in the U.S.A. and will Not Harm your Collectables These Round clear Plastic Stands work great for Displaying all types of Collectibles