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10" Navajo Eagle Kachina Doll Authentic Native American (Ascending) (Gold-Tans)

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One of the most popular of all the Kachina dolls. The Eagle Kachina (Kwahu) is certainly one of the most spectacular and also one of the more difficult to carve and assemble. He represents strength and power and is ruler of the sky and messenger to the great spirits. This sacred and magnificent Kachina is the protector of all.The Navajo Kachina has no religious significance in the Navajo culture, it is a way for the Navajo to earn a living. The Navajo Kachina makers have borrowed from many other cultures over the years. It is clear upon examination of these dolls that the Navajo Kachina is NOT handcarved from cottonwood root as are the Hopi Katsinas. The body parts of the Navajo Kachina are machine made, the dolls are then pegged and glued together and handfinished by the Navajo.Each of these Navajo Kachinas individually handcrafted and handpainted. No two are alike in feathers or clothing. We will try our best to fill your order with your preferred color, but all characters are not available in all colors at all times. Model # k-103 Features: Authentic Native American Navajo Numbered, and Signed for Authenicity Hand Made Hand Painted Economical Pricing

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