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1 X Eames Style Classic DAR Eiffel Dining Lounge Arm Chair Cream

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Vertigo Interiors USA are the worlds largest reproductionsupplier, we are proud to present to you the highest qualityreproduction of the Eames DAR Dining Arm Chair on the markettoday. The famous DAR with its famous chrome metal eiffellegs blends perfectly with any dining table and in anycombination of colors.In a market plnow flooded with a range of both good and bad (very bad) reproductions we have spent years in getting it just right, striking the balance between quality and value formoney. We dont need to price match our competitors as thequality just doesnt come close!Vertigo Interiors is not a trading company looking for a fastbuck. We are the worlds largest maker and distributor ofreproduction designer furniture. We have spent many yearsdeveloping our products and we are proud of the customer base we have served both far and wide.Designed by Charles and Ray Eames in the 1950s, our highestquality reproductions of this classic model are a fittingtribute the originals. Features: Our reproductions are the highest quality and we do not make them for anyone else. All our images are our own, what you see is the very product you will receive. Our chair mold is taken from that of the original, meaning the specifications are down to the millimetre, even the angle of the back rest! The grade of our polypropylene and abs is the same as the original manufacturer that still sells in worlds today (at eight times the price of our reproduction version). Our injection mold material mix has UV protection added in! This prevents quick ageing and decolorization of your chairs. Cheand poor versions do not have this and could last only months! We are the only seller to look at the longer term. Item Dimensions: 24.6" L x 23.6" W x 31.5" H

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