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1 Medium (1 Liter) Clear Glass Canister With Chalkboard Labels, 3 Liquid Chalk Markers (Red, Blue, White), 2 Oz. Ladle, And Cooking Chart

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Storage in chalkboard glass canisters not only allows you to organize and save room, but also gives your home a creative and fun look. Each jar includes a chalkboard label that you can use the 3 liquid chalk markers on to label any food or item you want to store. These jars are great for food storage in the kitchen, bathroom item storage and more. The ladle makes scooping what you need out easier than ever, especially when cooking. Additionally, the cooking conversion chart makes knowing exactly how much of each ingredient you need, that much easier. Buy your set today! Features: Glass jar with a chalkboard label with a hermetic, air tight seal and clasp lid. Ideal for storing food (sugar, spices, flour, cereal, peanuts, coffee beans, tea, crackers, chips, pasta, candy, etc.), bathroom items (bath salts, cotton, hand towels and more), crafts (beads, strings, glues, glitters, etc.), and any other items you want to store in an air tight glass container. Jar Size Medium: 1 L or 33.8 oz. (diameter of 5.5" and height 6.75") 3 liquid chalk markers (colors include: red, blue and white) that can be used over and over again on your chalkboard labels. 2 oz. (1/4 cup) ladle that is perfect for scooping out your ingredients or supplies. The ladle fits easily in each jar, yet is large enough to give you a good size scoop every time. Splendid Serendipity Cooking Conversion Chart that you can plon your refrigerator or any other magnetic surface. The chart gives you common cooking ingredient conversions so will not need to stop cooking to look up how many tablespoons are in a cup, or teaspoons in "a pinch", etc.

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